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Wintermute Ventures is a truly value-adding investor dedicated to supporting innovation in the blockchain ecosystem


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Sectors of focus

Wintermute believes in building a decentralized world across the value chain. This can be seen in the breadth of sectors our investments fall in, across DeFi and CeFi.


Investment thesis

Wintermute’s mission is to enable, empower and advance the truly decentralized world for more transparent and efficient markets and products.

We believe in a future that is decentralized and not controlled by few dominant players or ecosystems. We invest with the goal of building a world, where various trading platforms, chains, and products co-exist, enabling various use cases, competing on token designs, and ultimately solving for a diverse, decentralized future.

As one of the largest players in DeFi, we support projects where we know we can be true value-adding, develop a partnership and help influence the positive outcome consistently, throughout bear or bull market cycles.

We do not target large ownership stakes, decentralized ownership is an important prerequisite to transitioning to Web3. We invest flexibly from the ideation stage through to later stage growth funding and we adjust ticket sizes accordingly. We have ambitious price targets for our investments, meaning we are in for the long term.

value add_

Wintermute value add

Wintermute has worked on 55+ integrations for our portfolio companies. These include trading integrations, mint & redeem, liquidity provisioning, data publishing, governance and more. Wintermute adds value via diverse avenues:



Learn from our in-house DeFi & Research Teams in testing, building and growing your product.



Leverage the collective experience of our veteran founders and track record of incubating the next wave of web3 protocols.


Practical governance

Get assistance with ecosystem grants and proposal writing from our dedicated Governance Team.


Token liquidity

Unlock liquidity for your token on DEX and CEX via Wintermute to reduce price volatility from slippage and build trust among investors.


Expanded network

Tap into our network of 100+ influential protocols that we have invested in and 1,600+ OTC counterparties including the largest VCs, whales, and institutional investors via our Events and introductions.


OTC access

Access advanced treasury management solutions and trading strategies via Wintermute’s OTC desk.

They bring significant value through their reputation and experience

We're thrilled to count on amazing and highly engaged investors such as Wintermute Ventures. Beyond just using our products, their team has given us honest feedback and acted as advisors for strategic choices, which has fostered a strong relationship. They bring significant value through their reputation and experience, offering opportunities and providing us with insightful perspectives that have been crucial as Kiln has grown.

Laszlo Szabo

Co-founder & CEO

deep expertise across both DeFi and CeFi

Wintermute Ventures has provided day-one support for Ethena across multiple fronts and brings a unique skill set to support financial applications focusing on trading infrastructure. Their deep expertise across both DeFi and CeFi is quite unique, which enables them to provide support that other traditional venture funds cannot.

Guy Young


hands-on approach and willingness to roll up their sleeves

Wintermute live and breath DeFi. Their hands-on approach and willingness to roll up their sleeves have been crucial in helping us shaping the dYdX chain and ecosystem.

Charles d'Haussy


Wintermute is an outstanding venture partner

In addition to being a well-known and respected brand that opens doors in its own right, Wintermute is an outstanding venture partner that has given us very thoughtful insight and market perspective that has proven invaluable as Noble has scaled.

Jelena Djuric

Co-Founder & CEO

sounding board for strategic decisions

Wintermute Ventures have been one of our most engaged investors despite the fact we are not one of their largest investments. an extremely thorough due diligence process became the basis of deep insight into the project and has since grown into a valued friendship. The team have been open with candid feedback and serve as a sounding board for strategic decisions. The combination of candour and openness has led to a great relationship.

Darius Tabatabai


deep and thoughtful understanding of crypto markets

Wintermute Ventures has been a committed supporter of Chaos Labs since our early days. We have consistently been impressed with their deep and thoughtful understanding of crypto markets. Their responsiveness and expertise have been invaluable to the Chaos Labs team. Wintermute's partnership has added incredible value to our journey.

Omer Goldberg

Founder & CEO

reliability, operating principles, high credibility

Wintermute is a leading trading and venture firm in the space, but what sets them apart is their reliability, operating principles, high credibility and mission to propel decentralized finance.

Rabeel Jawaid


Wintermute has been wonderful to work with across the board

Frankly, Wintermute has been wonderful to work with across the board. Their trading team is top-notch, responsive, and easy to work with, and their ventures team is very knowledgeable about the industry. It also doesn’t hurt that Evgeny is great and truly cares about crypto.

Tristan Yver


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Wintermute Ventures has invested in 100+ projects since 2020


Building through incubation

Building products is central to Wintermute’s mode of operation. Over the years, Wintermute has incubated innovative protocols in cooperation with partners and separate teams that have grown to be independent businesses.


App and API suite that bring efficient execution to DeFi.


Ethereum protocol enabling undercollateralized bespoke on-chain credit.


Provider of institutional-grade, transparent indices on digital assets. Built in partnership with The Block.


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