We provide liquidity for institutional OTC desks

Our OTC offer

Access to a large liquidity pool: we trade most vetted coins across most vetted exchanges

Safe and compliant: advanced risk management and compliance 

Instant execution 24/7 with post trade settlement

Unmatched expertise: we use our proprietary algorithms to execute trades

Easy to work with: we respond within minutes to an OTC request

Best parameters: tighest spread, no fees, capacity for large block-size trades

Get the best tailor-made prices

Wintermute offers institutional OTC desks and aggregators competitive tailor-made prices in spot markets across most major vetted coins. We are able to offer the best quotes in the market as we would use the same technology and the same high-frequency market making algorithms that we use for our own on-screen proprietary trading.

Long-term OTC partner

Wintermute is here for the long-term. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in market making in the world’s top high-frequency firms in legacy finance. We have been providing liquidity in crypto markets since 2017 and we trade over 300 pairs over 30 exchanges.


We are supported by the world’s and crypto’s most reputable venture capital firms and exchange partners.

Some of Our Partners

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