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Wintermute Team



  • We set the most ambitious goals
  • We set the highest standards for ourselves and work hard
  • We play to win


  • We go above and beyond to help our partners and counterparties grow
  • We work as a team, not as siloed groups and individuals
  • We are united by common goals and values


  • We love building new innovative things
  • We move very fast and focus on the results
  • We empower everyone from day 1 to act like an owner


  • We are non-hierarchical, informal, and direct
  • We focus on results above seniority and experience
  • We generously reward results

Teaming with OG_

Culture of winning

It’s not just about having top players but those ready to adapt, collaborate, and grow with the team. Like OG, we focus on a distinct playing style and teamwork and we play to win. With the right culture, success can be replicated.


You get to have meaningful impact right from the start

When applying to Wintermute, I knew that I would be working hands on in the middle of the crypto landscape. From day one, I was working on new exchange infrastructure, interacting with the trading system and helping to improve the existing code base. Even as a new joiner, my ideas were given time and thought and I had the opportunity to work on projects that I helped propose - including an improved tracker for trade P&L and better metrics for our OTC trades. The small team and focus on meritocracy makes you feel like you're having a meaningful impact. It's great to be able to see your improvements working live, and to be rewarded for their success.


Algorithmic Trader

Cross-team collaboration is integral to our daily work

Being at the forefront of DeFi, Wintermute’s Research team offered me a perspective that is often elusive from the outside. One of the most enriching aspects of my experience at Wintermute is the chance to collaborate across our multi talented team. Their mentorship and insights play a pivotal role in my growth. One of my projects involved diving into the MEV Supply Chain, and I encountered a problem whilst analyzing block builder behaviors. Being able to turn around to discuss with the Wintermute DeFi team, helped me quickly unlock new ways of tackling the issue at hand.


DeFi Researcher

Wintermute values an entrepreneurial mindset

I started my journey with Wintermute as an intern. From cooperating with different blockchain projects, providing liquidity to the crypto markets, or building new projects on DeFi, you get to work in the epicenter of the ecosystem. Wintermute values an entrepreneurial mindset. Your career growth is highly correlated with your drive to bring new ideas, improve existing systems and expand your accountabilities. Even as an intern, my voice was heard and my contributions were well accounted for. Now I am overseeing an extensive number of partnerships across liquidity provisioning and OTC trading.


Business Development Associate

The constantly evolving challenges make the job interesting

I joined the Wintermute driven by my personal passion for crypto, seeking to elevate my interest into a professional journey. I work on building internal trading systems, integrations with leading DeFi protocols and keep myself up to date on the latest developments in the crypto-sphere. DeFi, being a relatively novel ecosystem, exposes me to diverse and challenging problems daily: from modeling various sources of AMM liquidity, to optimizing transaction execution on chains like Ethereum and Solana that have very different approaches to transaction inclusion and ordering. The ambition of the Wintermute DeFi team and the constantly evolving on-chain trading landscape, make this an exciting place to work at.


DeFi Searcher

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Our perks_

Wintermute Perks

  • State-of-the-art offices in central London & Singapore

  • Opportunities for cross-office exchange

  • Fully stocked kitchens with meal delivery allowances

  • Top private health insurance coverage

  • Frequent socials: game nights, events, annual Wintermute weekend trip, etc.

  • Various sports and interest group activities

Wintermute London office tour

Wintermute Life_
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