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Attract sophisticated
investors and projects
to your exchange

Wintermute Trading helps you create liquidity on your exchange, maintain high trading volumes, and narrow spreads

Our offer to the crypto exchanges and platforms

We can support liquidity for any of your pairs

Our quotes don't disappear in fast markets

We guarantee you spreads that are competitive with other exchanges

Our proprietary algorithms provide liquidity every day 24/7

We can get connected to your exchange within days

We help you connect with more quality projects

Ways to partner with us

Partner With Wintermute Trading

We partner with exchanges where we see common goals and values or an opportunity to make money by trading, e.g.,

  • High-volume exchanges

  • Compliant exchanges targeting institutional investors

  • Selected innovative exchanges that build the future of
    decentalized finance

Engage Wintermute

Trading To Help You Grow

We offer market making services to earlier stage exchanges; once you get to high volume we will waive our fees.

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Some of Our Partners

To learn more about Wintermute Trading, explore our team, our partners, and what we have to say on the "the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" of crypto market making

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