About Us

We are dedicated to helping digital asset exchanges and blockchain project founders build the future of finance. Our mission is to provide the eco-system with liquid and efficient markets, which are crucial to the adoption of new technologies.

At Wintermute Trading we are experts in market making, high-frequency trading, crypto markets, and blockchain technology. Together, we have 70+ years of combined experience in market making,  trading and building the world's leading high-frequency trading algorithms

Our story

Wintermute was founded in July 2017 by Evgeny Gaevoy, Harro Mantel and Yoann Turpin, who combined 40 years of experience in high-frequency trading and development at Optiver, a leading global market maker in traditional financial markets.

Since then, Wintermute has grown to become one of the top liquidity providers of digital assets and we are on the mission to become #1. Our trading strategies are all market-neutral executed algorithmically 24/7. We focus on market making, high-frequency trading, algorithmic and quantitative trading in global crypto markets. We are not making any bets and do not take positions, we are providing much needed liquidity to the crypto eco-system thus contributing to the growth of decentralized finance.

Wintermute is a proprietary trading startup owned by the team and trusted by top tier VCs such as Lightspeed Venture Partners (read about the investment here and on The Block by Frank Chaparro), Blockchain.com Ventures, and FBG. We see ourselves as a technology, not a financial services one.

We’ve built a unique working culture which promotes meritocracy, achievements, entrepreneurship, transparency and professionalism. We are very informal, non-hierarchical, humble, collaborative, somewhat nerdy (hence the company name) and we avoid bureaucracy at all costs. Check out our Careers page and Evgeny's post about Wintermute to learn more about working with us.

Evgeny Gaevoy
CEO and co-founder
Harro Mantel
CTO and co-founder
Yoann Turpin
Head of BD, co-founder
Marina Gurevich
Chief Operating Officer
Wintermute Team Photo 1 (attribute to _W

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Disclaimer: Wintermute Trading LTD is proprietary trading firm. We do not manage crypto or fiat funds on behalf of investors or customers. Wintermute was granted temporary registration with FCA in line with AML/CTF regime.