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We are dedicated to helping digital asset exchanges and blockchain project founders build the future of finance. Our mission is provide the eco-system with liquid and efficient markets, which are crucial to the adoption of new technologies.

At Wintermute Trading we are experts in market making, high-frequency trading, crypto markets, and blockchain technology. Together, we have 30+ years of combined experience in market making,  trading and building the world's leading high-frequency trading algorithms

Our story

Evgeny, Yoann and Harro all met at Optiver, one of the world's leading high-frequency-trading houses. Evgeny built and then expanded Optiver's ETF business, Harro built the infrastructure underpinning it and Yoann was a derivatives trader before building a career in both the hedge fund and angel investment space in London.


Inspired by the innovation in the crypto space and acutely aware of the liquidity issues facing many of the top platforms they founded their own high-frequency trading shop. Wintermute Trading was born. Besides proprietary trading, the company has since expanded it's market making services to crypto exchanges, trading platforms and supported the innovative projects developing the future of decentralized finance.

Evgeny Gaevoy
CEO and co-founder
Harro Mantel
CTO and co-founder
Yoann Turpin
Head of Trading, co-founder
Marina Gurevich
Chief of Staff

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